EcoTour Kyushu is an alliance between Goto Experience and Discover Kyushu Walks, both offering guided small group tours with a local, welcoming feel.

EcoTour Kyushu's members have joined forces to showcase the unique, welcoming style of Kyushu through experiential tours and walks.

Members have been selected because they share values that showcase, preserve, and enhance Kyushu's unique cultural and natural environments through sustainable, high quality tourism.

Discover Kyushu Walks

By walking through the countryside towns and nature of Kyushu, one can experience the rich culture, history, nature, and way of life that was once abundant but now exists only in small pockets of rural Japan. By focusing on Kyushu, we are able to offer a level of experience that is deeper and richer than otherwise possible.

Goto Experience


Based on Ojika island, part of the Goto Archipelago.  We offer customized, immersive experiences for people looking for something a bit different from your standard tour. The chance to really experience the lifestyle, culture, history, and people of the Goto islands is one you are not likely to soon forget.

Goto Experience


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