Our Mission

We are committed to:

Sustainability and Diversity 



Kyushu hosts diverse nature and culture.  Local communities have coexisted with the surrounding environment for a long time.  These traditional communities consist of people, their ancestors and the natural world that their livelihood depends on.  This interdependence has resulted in a lifestyle that has sustained the health of both people and the land.  Traditional practices are sometimes mysterious, other times logical and meaningful, and they draw us in as we learn about them. 

Both these communities and the natural environment are in peril, facing modern convenience and ideas.  However there are still places, especially deep in the countryside, where a more traditional way of life is kept.



These communities share common ideas and lifestyle, yet their practices are diverse. We believe that keys to sustainability are found in them. Our mission is to learn about them and share our findings with outside people. 

By offering an immersive experience of Kyushu’s nature and culture, we hope to work together with the visitors as well as local communities to design a new (with old wisdom) form of communities that will persist for many more years to come.


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